Driptech is focused on providing irrigation solutions for subsistence and small-plot farmers.

Our target customers are farmers who can feed their families with the food they produce, but have little leftover to sell in the marketplace for money. They have landholdings of 5 acres or less. These farmers want to produce more crops to increase their income, but they have 2 big issues to overcome: an inefficient use of limited water resources, and access to capital.

These farmers are willing to pay for improved tools and technology, but the products currently on the market don't serve them well due to issues of complexity, cost, or a lack of infrastructure.

There are 600 million poor farmers who lack access to irrigation control who need a means to grow crops more efficiently. Growing more crops is their only foreseeable way to climb out of poverty, and we are creating affordable products that can change their lives.

»owns a small plot of land.

»needs to increase crop yield.

»current products are costly & complex