Driptech products are ‘Best Value’ for investment by farmers. They deliver the benefits of drip irrigation technology at affordable costs. Our products are highly cost effective compared to the traditional drip irrigation systems. This has been achieved through innovation and product optimisation.

Driptech’s break through innovation of Laser-Punched Dripline brought a new paradigm in drip irrigation. It not only made Drip Irrigation affordable but also made it easy to use, maintenance free and energy efficient.

The company, originally founded in the USA, has been recently taken over by M/s. Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., a global leaders in micro irrigation (please visit www.jains.com).

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Our mission is to take this new affordable drip irrigation technology to all farmers across the globe and help its adoption, and thereby contributing towards sustainable agriculture resulting in water saving, food security and above all making agriculture by small farm holders profitable.

Global water usage is unsustainable from a food security perspective. Available water per person in developing countries is 20% of what it was fifty years ago. In these same places, agriculture accounts for 81% of total freshwater usage. Commonly used method of irrigation is Flood Irrigation. In addition to wasting water, flood irrigation leads to lower yields and is very labor intensive.

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